Manufacturing and Quality Control

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A worker meticulously sewing the upper of a shoe.

Master Craftsmanship

We offer shoes that are meticulously crafted by our team of highly skilled craftsmen. Most of them have grown up with YAQITE and have over 15 years of experience in shoe manufacturing. Aiming to be top of this industry, we pay attention to every detail as if making a piece of art.

Quality Control in Every Step

What distinguishes us from other fellow manufacturers is our high pursuit of product quality. We closely monitor the whole production process to control the quality and lead time.

A clear and sound quality control system to guarantee that every shoe is of the best performance.

Strict raw material suppliers screening that ensures high-quality end products.

A professional QC team conducts inspections on sem-finished and finished products.

Advanced testing machines and third-party testing

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Rigorous In-house Tests

To make sure every product we deliver is in its best condition, we do a series of in-house tests with advanced machines for raw materials, parts and also end products.

Material Test From Third-party

There is no challenge for our products to meet EU Testing Requirements and pass tests like REACH, Cal65, etc. We could conduct an extra material test by third-party firms and provide you test reports on your demand.