Two designers are discussing shoe samples and designs.

Innovation is in Our Nature

To provide more comfortable and fashionable shoes, our company attaches great importance to research and development.  A lot of resources have been invested in this area since 2003.

Now, we own 4 teams of designer with about 30 people, who have rich industry experience and a keen sense of fashion. Our teams have the creativity and vitality, which is why our company can design quarterly 4000+ new shoes, and make a breakthrough in shoe performance.

Our Direction

Integration of Aesthetics and Comfort

The combination of practicability and aesthetics has always been our focus of research and development. Taking heel sandals as an example, we are actively creating ergonomic shoe last, which not only retain the fashion of heel sandals, but also solve the discomfort of long-term wearing heel shoes, and relieve the worry of possible harm to the human body.

A designer is designing ergonomic lasts for high heels.

Capture Market Trends From Various Channels

YAQITE believes that it’s impossible to work behind closed doors. To win recognition, we have done plenty of market investigation to grasp market demands in many different ways.

2021 Exhibition Photos 01.
Staff and a client discuss design drawings and determine design options.
A designer is designing women's sandals on the computer.

Professional Exhibitions

We communicate closely with visitors to better understand their requirements in various professional exhibition around the world every year. Our professional designers will later transform information we obtained into our new shoe styles.

Active Customer Communication

Through active communication with old customers, we learn about the latest fashion trends from their requests. And by developing new shoes to cater to their market, we gain shared success.

Specialized Footwear Websites

Keeping up with the trend of the information age, we gather related information through professional footwear websites. From those websites, we gain effective information and make it into new designs.