Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethical and Sustainable Manufacturing

To take corporate social responsibility, we practice ethical and sustainable principles throughout our production process. We hope that our practices can drive positive changes and enhance the community at large.

Our staff works in a comfortable office environment.


Ethical Supply Chain Building

Our factory conforms to the BSCI code of conduct and commits to following ethical practices. First, we work with trusted suppliers and establish a healthy partnership with them. Second, we think highly of our employees’ safety, health and well-being. To ensure that, we create safe and comfortable working conditions for our staff, respect them and pay them proper wages on time. Third, we guarantee to provide products that are safe and harmless to the human body.


Community Engagement

To strengthen the community we live in and work in, YAQITE strives to exert positive influences through philanthropy and volunteer programs.

In 2019, we participated in the poverty-relief program in Lianzhou Province, China, and won the “Business Charity Award“. Recently, our employees volunteered to help combat the COVID-19 and delivered necessities to the local community where it was most needed.

Different colors and materials of fabrics are placed on the table.


Environmental Impact

We create footwear mostly with PU leather. PU leather is a kind of vegan leather made from polyurethane and textiles. It is more ethical for it does no harm to animals in its production.

As well as that, the production of PU leather is more environmental-friendly. It is quite different between the production process of synthetic leather and genuine leather. The methods are different, so are the chemical involved. Before manufacturing, genuine leather requires special treatment and the chemical used in the procedure cause harm to our environment.